OOA/D with UML and OO Patterns – Intro

So, we’re going to do a new series on this – based on the exellent book “Applying UML and Patterns: An Introduction to Object-Oriented Analysis and Design and Iterative Development”, by Craig Larman.

Unfortunately I only have the 2002 2nd edition (from my student days, don’t recall a thing…) but looking at the updates in the 2005 3rd edition I think we can work around this, especially seeing as we have access to the new chapters via InformIT’s excellent Safari Bookshelf.

The updates to look out for are:

  • UML 2

  • A second case study

  • More tips on iterative and evolutionary development combined with OOA/D

  • Rewritten with new learning aids and graphics for easier study

  • New college-educator teaching resources

  • Agile Modeling, Test-Driven Development, and refactoring

  • More on process modeling with UML activity diagrams

  • Guidance on applying the UP in a light, agile spirit, complementary with other iterative methods such as XP and Scrum

  • Applying the UML to documenting architectures

  • A new chapter on evolutionary requirements

  • Refinement of the use case chapters, using the very popular approach of [Cockburn01]


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