IIS Wildcard Mapping in IIS7

Recently moved WinWin Travels from an IIS6 server (Win 2003) to IIS7 (Win 2008).
The site uses a bespoke URL Rewriting module that requires a wildcard mapping to the ASP.NET ISAPI dll. However in IIS7 there is new and improved support for URL rewriting – but simply adding a wildcard similar to the one in IIS6 just returned a 404 error.

Luckily someone else had the same problem: http://improve.dk/blog/2006/12/11/making-url-rewriting-on-iis7-work-like-iis6

This excellent post covers pretty much everyting – only thing to add is than rather than moving your new mapping all the way down the order, you can recreate any mapping you need in front. Also I sometimes use some actual .aspx files in the site, so also placed a new .aspx handler above the wildcard (as well as the staticfile handler).

As an interesting aside – the hosting provider for this site, the excellent (US based) Crystal Tech now allow you to use IIS Manager for Remote Administration to connect to your website (shared hosting). So you can now manage you remote website as you do any site on your localhost through the IIS Manager, very convenient indeed!
Probably saved me at least 20 odd emails to and from support on this (the Crystal Tech support is excellent, but hacking IIS6 mapping into IIS7 is bespoke in anyone’s book), and as such a couple of days on this job.


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