Umbraco Export to .NET – Skips properties in Inherited Tabs

Place a property of any type in the Generic tab and it always exports, move it to a tab inherited from the parent docType and it’s excluded from the export.

Seeing this issue in v.4.7, issue occurs with our without using the autoexport2dotnet ( – because it’s an issue in the core export logic.

This is caused by what seems like a bug in the umbraco.presentation project, in \umbraco\presentation\umbraco\dialogs\ExportCode.aspx.cs in the GenerateProperties method.

		private object GenerateProperties(DocumentType dt)
			var sb = new StringBuilder();
			foreach (var pt in 
                dt.getVirtualTabs.Where(x => x.ContentType == dt.Id).SelectMany(x => x.GetPropertyTypes(dt.Id, true))
                .Concat(dt.PropertyTypes.Where(x => x.ContentTypeId == dt.Id /* don't limit this to generic tab! && x.TabId == 0*/)).Distinct()
				//...loops and writes properties here

In the above the bit to remove is the “x.TabId == 0” that I’ve commented out – this limits the properties rendered to the first tab (the generic properties).

I have only tested this quickly, but seems to work perfectly – I will update here if I find any issues – cheers!

PS. Please note that this method has changed between version 4.7.0 and 4.7.1 because of a separate issue – however for both version removing the “x.TabId == 0” solves this issue.

If you include abstractions (interfaces) in your export, you need to make the same amend to the GenerateAbstractProperties method, so remove the check for TabId == 0 and make the selection distinct.

I wrote this solution here as well:


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